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Pieces for lowering a '92 100 CS

jimbabwe Feb 3, 2007

  1. jimbabwe

    jimbabwe New Member

    Hi everyone, my first time posting here, as I've finally got the money to start playing around with my new (as in currently acquired ;)) audi. I've done a bit of research on it, and it seems there are not a ton of info on modifying these cars. Just wondering if any of you could give me any advice on any of the parts I've found, or suggest anything I seem to be missing. Oh I live in the US btw.

    So what I've come to a conclusion about is I need shocks/struts, and new springs.

    As far as springs go I've found H&R, Jamex (which appears to be sold mostly in the UK so shipping issues I suppose), and intrax. Reviews on H&R were better then the other two brands.

    The H&R springs I found lower 3.8-6cm which is about what I'm looking for, although I couldn't find if they lowered the front more then the rear (is that normal?)

    As far as shocks/struts go I found Bilstein and oem repalcment parts like Monroe.

    Bilstein shocks look to be what I'm looking for in the shock/strut department. From what I understand I need stiffer shocks/struts from a lowered suspension, which means the sports right? As the heavy duty is for SUVs and touring wouldn't be stiff enough? I figured out which shocks are which in their pdf product catalog. So sports again for those correct?

    That's about all I could find, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, but it could almost fit into a couple of them. Thanks ahead of time.


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