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Pictures A3 s3 Wheels Vossen 19 inch

kalif972 Nov 7, 2012

  1. kalif972

    kalif972 New Member

    Hello everyone, in this moment I spend my time has the search for rims in 19 inches for my Audi s3 8P Facelift of Black color Phantoms.
    it is very a long time I located rims VOSSEN VVSCV3 and I will wish to know if it has audi a3 or s3 with its assembled rims
    you can help me has to find photographs of a3 or s3 with its rims assembled in 19 with pretty made concave and of color face polished has black bottom, of the rims which go of course from the black one

    thank you
    photographs of the rims in questions


    Ford Mustang on VVSCV3 Wheels


    Infiniti G35 on VVSCV3 Wheels

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