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**PICS** Standard v S-Line suspension

RVP20 Dec 8, 2013

  1. RVP20

    RVP20 Active Member

    Thank you very much for the photos that's really helpful and it looks awesome!! How do you find the drive with the suspension? How's the car overall?
    Thank you once again 😃
  2. Psyman79

    Psyman79 Sarcasm is hard on a forum ;) Team Vegas Yellow Audi S3

    Personally, i like it. Although i would say that if you want a smooth ride, avoid the s-line setup. I've said before that its more comfortable than my 10 plate Leon Cupra but thats probably down to the fact that the car is much more solidly built. You will feel the bumps but they wont shake your fillings out.

    The car before the Leon only had 100mm clearence at the front which was a problem, but i've not had any issues with speed bumps so far.

    My mate was up the other day in his 3 door sport which had sport setup and looked a bit like a monster truck, that was on 17" wheels though, obviously the difference wouldn't be as noticable with the s-line 18" wheels.

    Overally thoughts on the car are positive, saying that, i'm not really a fan of stop/start and elec handbrake, wish i'd taken more time to look at option list and added hill hold (or whatever its called) as that would've cured the handbrake issue. Engine wise its great, obviously more power would be awesome but the whole point of this car was that it was sensible and grown-up :) Kit wise, i cant fault the sd card nav and the comfort pack does its job. The cabin is a nice place to be too which is almost as important as how it is to drive.

    Thats all really.

  3. J6YAK

    J6YAK Team Dark Red Mica

    Blue sky in Aberdeen ....a rare occurrence indeed, especially in Porty!!

    Car looking good tho bud!!
    Psyman79 likes this.
  4. grantDUBshaw

    grantDUBshaw Active Member




    S-Line suspension, 18" on Continentals :)
  5. RVP20

    RVP20 Active Member

    Very nice!!
    Thanks for the review btw! I think it's difficult to tell the suspensions apart now having seen both types! The both look amazing 😃

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