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  1. Here they are...
  2. yak

    yak Member

    Yeah, looks nice, but I have to agree with schem.. what's with the single exhaust? Aftermarket?

    - Yak
  3. jasew

    jasew Member

    looking good, then again i would say that /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
  4. The car is a 2.0TDI DSG Sport with the full Votex kit including the tailpipe extension and a couple of S-Line badges on the side.

    The exhaust extension is from the A3 accessories catalog at a cost of ~ £80.

    A pic is below...
  5. Billyt

    Billyt New Member

    yes those alloys are superb
  6. jasew

    jasew Member

    no, Stephv6 i meant to change my sig!

    Someone told me they were aristo's before i found out they were actually Calito's

    close but no cigar /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

  7. imported_unkle

    imported_unkle Guest

    [ QUOTE ]
    neilsafc2 said:
    Rear Spoiler

    [/ QUOTE ]

    If you dont mind me asking, what does the Audi rear spoiler look like? I saw it in the options catalogue when I bought mine but the stealer didnt have any cars there with it on and I havent seen any examples of it while driving...
  8. if you have a camera phone, private message me your number and ill take a photo of it this morning. Havent worked out how to post pics on here yet.

    Its a lovely fit the spoiler adds a bit to the back, its at the top of the rear and looks the business in my opinion, ive seen loads of a3's without them and they dont look as good but having said that my alloys spoil mine.
  9. ill try to post pic now


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