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Pics from IAM Skills Day at Croft Circuit

Helifella Nov 16, 2012

  1. Helifella

    Helifella Co-Driver ~ Hattie Moderator Regional Rep VCDS Map User

    I recently did my first track day, which was through the Institute of Advanced Motorists. Called a Skills Day you get to take your car round either Croft or Silverstone (inner track) with a Class 1 traffic Police examiner.

    I had loads of track sessions throughout the afternoon, alternating with another driver, sharing the examiner/instructor.

    Paired with a really nervous lady our instructor asked me if she could sit in with my track sessions to show her what can be achieved - must have been doing something right...

    I took my GoPro Hero2 and i've just received a disc of photos from a pro photographer in the post which you can see below.

    12_59952.jpg 12_59973.jpg 12_60233.jpg 12_60348.jpg 12_60385.jpg 12_60505.jpg 12_60520.jpg 12_60010.jpg

    IAM Skills Day~Croft.2012 onboard Audi A3 Black Edition Sportback - YouTube
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  2. Ironborn

    Ironborn English...not so good

    Car is looking great mate, the video... :ermm: Oh dude that looks like my sunday drive on a track :p JK. How much was it? What's a motorway car doing on a track lol. Oops soz for the dislike, they should create a confirm for that button.
  3. Helifella

    Helifella Co-Driver ~ Hattie Moderator Regional Rep VCDS Map User

    It was £129, yeah it does look rather pedestrian, but it has made my driving a lot smoother, balanced and quicker on the open public road, which is where it counts (at least for me) LOL. Maybe I should have worded it as my first time on track rather than a track day so to speak - they sell it as a skills day, purely using the track as a safe environment to focus on building responsible skills to use in a public place. Subtle progression. :)
  4. chris1988brown

    chris1988brown Member

    sweet mate , any info on where to book this etc , wouldnt mind doing this at some point
  5. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator DSG

    Croft is a good circuit,no lids so knew you were not going to break lap records but as long as you learnt something from the day alls good,some of the people who race on public roads should try a day like this.
  6. Helifella

    Helifella Co-Driver ~ Hattie Moderator Regional Rep VCDS Map User

    Not sure if you picked up on audio but one corner I was struggling to get round at 40 odd mph then by the end I was touching 70mph without fuss.

    The first dates for next year are out - Stowe is the circuit at Silverstone. Bikes & cars welcome as are none IAM members.

    IAM Skills Days

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