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Picking the S3 up in the morning - cant wait..

GT130 Feb 8, 2008

  1. GT130

    GT130 Member

    Taken a cpl of weeks from first seeing but I'm picking the 51 plate silver S3 up in the morning and cant wait, having to part-ex the GT 130 which I will miss as it's been a great car with excellent torque and fuel economy - haveing said that i dont think vw's are as well built as the used to be (Mk 2's) as the golf and a previous passat 20vT have a number of squeeks etc in the interior which do become a little annoying.

    Looking forward to replacing diesel torque with a petrol motor that likes to rev...unlike diesels !

    First thing for the S3 is a cam belt change down at G-Werks, 2nd thing is to replace the Kingstar 225/40's (came with the rep's) with Goodyear F1's - the new tread, had a quote of 480 fitted and expect to recoup 60-80 back on the pretty much brand new Kingstars via E-bay.

    Other stuff i wanna do is paint the calipers and put some wheel speacers on - come Nov08 when i renew the Insurance i will consider remapping..

    Picture of my current ride which is going in the morning..:sorry: Cheers all, looking forward to No-rice next week and Brands at the end of the month..

  2. Tastyterrier

    Tastyterrier Monkey Trainer

    Congrats fella, have fun!
  3. jonS3

    jonS3 Member

    how much did you get for the 130? that's exactly what my mate is looking for!
  4. s3ollie

    s3ollie Member

  5. jamieface

    jamieface the only S3 in the villiage

    Good luck with the new S3 mate ! You wont regret it !!! Great Car.
  6. GT130

    GT130 Member

    Well folks i picked the car up and cruised home at 65-70 returning about 33 mpg.....doh

    Car is excellent, love the flared arches - it looks superb and drives really tight, compared to the Mk4 everything seems really well screwed togther with no rattles etc, handling is soo much better - seems excellent as it is coming from the GT tdi..got 5k part ex for the golf which had 93k but full (non vw) history and was pretty mint condition with climate and in dash cd..

    Since going over a large roundabout the car is making a groaning from underneath which is not dependant on power being on so I am hoping it's just a bush or suspension part that will need replacing as the warranty will no doubt declare it's wear n tear etc

    Cars as 51 plate with 65k miles, full history from Vindi's Audi in Cambridge who were the supplying dealer and still has the orig plates etc

    I think it's had paint on the front bumper and the drivers side rear arch but it all seems ok so I am not overly concerned as if any rust did ever come through it can be sorted (albeit expensively) but I am happy the car is pretty much straight etc

    Car came with new 225/40 18 Kingstar tyres which I had in mind to replace - so far at least they seem ok and not worth replacing - I'll have to see in the wet !!

    The log book says the cam belt is not due till 115k but with all the threads I will err on the side of caution and not drive again till the car goes down to Darren at G-Werks for the cam belt, water pump and tensioners to be replaced - I'll ask him to look for the groaning at the same time...

    Ohh and the white needles and xenon's are:hubbahubba:

    Appreciate peoples thoughts etc

  7. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    33MPG!!!!! your lucky I'm 27 and happy with that,white needles are sweet.
    Welcome to the club

    PS warn your bank manager that you drive one so he knows why your bank account is shrinking
  8. 96a6v6

    96a6v6 Member

    Glad to hear you picked the car up, enjoy !:icon_thumright:
  9. MingeBlue

    MingeBlue Member

  10. Aky

    Aky Aky

    I p/x'd my Revo'd TDI150 for the S3 and was a little disappointed with the performance so had it remaped and never looked back. The build quality is far superior and the perfomance is great as long as you can cope with 22mpg
  11. GT130

    GT130 Member

    Cheers Fellas - enjoyed the ride home but not driven it since as I dont want to tempt fate with the cam belt :notme:

    MPG - not looking forward to this at all but heho cant be helped i guess and I will only be doing 150 odd miles a week..

    Car is now booked into Audi in the morning for the cam belt (+ w/pump, alt belt, tensioners) and to check out the groaning noise - hoping the groan is just sommit cheap to fix as I am sure any bushes etc will be classed as wear n tear by the warranty..:scared2:

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