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Picked up S4 - is this normal?

imported_SunDiver Feb 26, 2005

  1. Hi Folks - picked up my 2001X S4 today. I've taken a good long look at the car and driven 150 miles or so today. It's done nearly 50,000 miles and has a full ASH.

    Couple of things:-

    I've never driven a car with such a high clutch biting point. I normally tend to drive with my foot resting on the clutch pedal (not disengaging it of course) but this seems impossible on the S4 - it disengages so high. Seems I need to remove my foot completely or have it up in the air?! My feet aren't that small at UK9. Is this just something I need to get used to - looking at the setup briefly it didn't seem adjustable to me? Clutch itself holds just fine and I have the REVO five hour trial on there right now so there's plenty power and the clutch seemingly has no issue holding it. It just seems to bite a couple of inches in with another four or so inches that are pointless? Google found me many comments that suggested S4s (and indeed A4s) have high clutches and that's the way it is. If so, no big deal - I'll get used to it I guess.

    More worryingly, there's an odd whirring noise with the slightest touch of the clutch - just the lightest of pressure on the clutch at low speeds will produce a whirring sound that sounds like a golf cart or electric car. It's a very smooth sound and although not loud, very noticeable - my not-interested-in-cars girlfriend commented on it immediately on pulling away. It is rev dependant but goes away with throttle - soon as the V6 makes any meaningful noise it seems to replace the sound rather than merely drown it out. It's also present with the clutch engaged (pedal up) in low gears and very low speeds. I can't hear it with significant throttle nor at speed or in high gears. I know a fair bit about cars but not very much about Audi S4s just yet (it's my first Audi). If I wanted something to worry about, I'd be thinking throwout/release bearing? What do other people think? It sounds for all the world like a Sinclair C5 / Golf cart - very consistent? Possibly it's not drivetrain dependant and maybe a belt although given that the clutch pedal has an effect on it, I'm doubtful... What's the best and worst case?

    Any advice greatly received - I'm very much a newbie on these cars! I don't want to complain to the supplying dealer if it's a "feature".

    BTW, in all other respects, it's absolutely fabulous and everything I was hoping for!

    Thanks in advance,
  2. ea4771ddy

    ea4771ddy New Member

    SunDiver, the clutch biting point on my 1996 1.8 A4 is right at the top of the pedal and seems to be the same with some other A4 owners I know. I bought my car with 115,000 miles on the clock and have done another 14,000 miles in two years and that 'whirring' sound which could well be the clutch release bearing has always been there but has not yet caused any problems.
  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    You should get out of that really bad habit of riding the clutch when driving. Any amount of pressure on the pedal, even just resting your foot on it, will put additional strain & wear on the clutch and cable. Just like resting your hand on the gearstick will wear the gear shift.
    The foot rest to the left of the clutch is there for a reason.
  4. Thanks folks. As to riding the clutch - I'm certainly not intending to do that but accept that I may have to alter my style with this car. I've never had any issues with any car I've owned in respect of clutches and in fact seen way more than usual life from them. FWIW, throughout "normal car" ownership I also have a owned-from-new-and-seven-years-old 250hp heavily modified/turbocharged MX-5 with super-heavy clutch that's seen many tens of thousands of miles on road and track and in a recent gearbox out job for lighter flywheel swap, the clutch didn't even merit changing while I was in there... I'm aware it's a bad style though and seemingly particularly so with this car given the setup so I'll look at changing. As to the gearstick - that's one habit I don't have.

  5. deano16v

    deano16v Member

    Sounds like it could be the release bearing. if you drive along in 2nd at say 20 and put the clutch in, does the sound go?

    As for the biting point, i have a diesel so don't know if that would be any different but mine certainly doesnt have a high bite. The units themselves are self adjusting so not a lot you can do with it. perhaps change the cable, thats always a good starter.

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