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Picked up my new car, problems, advice needed please..

A3Bash Jun 3, 2010

  1. A3Bash

    A3Bash Member

    I just picked up a 2008 1.4T sport from Audi, approved used. Everything is perfect about the car, but, I was on the motorway & all of a sudden I lost all power in 6th gear, dropped it to 5th & nothing. Pulled over on the hard shoulder, switched it off & on again. All back to normal now and hasn't happened since. It's only on 23,000 miles but I've had it for less than a day. Obviously they'll want to take it back into the garage but the fault might not even be logged. Should I just reject this vehicle as there might be more problems ahead? Advice needed please
  2. Brett Butler

    Brett Butler Member

    Do you have a warning light on now, did you have a warning light come on when it happened? phone them up, tell them what happened and see what they say, they should be a fault with a code listed for them to investigate,
  3. Pii

    Pii Member

    Take it back and see what they find. If they say nothing then reject it as you have 30 days cooling off period from the approved scheme. You can always make them find you equal spec for same cost.
  4. A3Bash

    A3Bash Member

    There was no warning light then & there isn't now, that's why I think it won't even be logged so they won't even fix anything. I don't want to hold on to it and have a long list of problems. Should this ever happen on a car this young?
  5. tku

    tku Member

    Mate, I think you know the answer to that.
  6. just017

    just017 Member

    It's happened to me and I didn't get a fault in vag com.but it's only happened twice in 2 years. I don't think it's a mechanical issue and so I didn't follow it up
  7. s3forthemrs

    s3forthemrs Member

    get it checked. if they find something that isn't too serious and they can fix it and you like the car, then keep it. if they find nothing, then you can decide to reject it. either way, you should have the choice to reject based on the car developing a potentially serious fault on the first day.

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