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Picked up my new car at the weekend

samil87 Mar 30, 2010

  1. samil87

    samil87 Member

    Picked up my 57 plate 2.0TDi sport on sunday from Watford Audi.

    It's been a big step up from my 1.0L polo that i've been driving for the past 4 years since I first passed my driving test.

    The S-tronic is great when sitting in traffic for the journey to work and back and I'm sure it'll be great on the motorway.

    As i said i picked up the car on sunday and throughout the whole process I thought the car was a 140 but upon checking the V5 slip properly its actually a 170.

    At first a bonus i thought, then had to double check the insurance, but all is good there.

    Is there much of a difference in mpg between the two?

    If i can get 500 miles out of the tank…I'll be happy.

    One last query, the passenger side window opens by itself once you click the switch all the way down, but the driver side is not doing this, how can I activate this?

  2. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    You can reset auto windows functions by holding the switch all the way down until window is all way down, then do all way up holding the switch all this time, do this twice to be sure & auto should work again, this works on any electric windows on vags.

    MPG wise, shouldnt notice alot of difference IMHO, nothing to write home about & its all about how heavy your lead boots are that will determine the overall mpg & tank mileage, I got 62mpg on a cruise on motorway & mines mapped.
  3. BOSSS3

    BOSSS3 Member

    For the window, let the window go down and then close it to the top and then release the switch and wait 2seconds and then pull the switch all the way up again to the second click and hold it for two seconds.

    This should be in your manual though.

    Hope you enjoy your car and have many happy miles!
  4. samil87

    samil87 Member

    Tried the window thing just now on my lunch break and it worked. Thanks.

    Will post pics of the new car soon.
  5. samil87

    samil87 Member

    How many miles should I be looking to get out of a tank on my 2.0TDi 170??

    Mostly town driving and A roads.

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