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Picked up my A3 today!!

john_cook Jun 23, 2006

  1. john_cook

    john_cook I was the STIG.

    Hi everyone,

    Purchased my A3 2.0 TDI sport today. Its friggin Fantasic! :) :) Wow, I'm really pleased with it. My last car was a mini cooper S so I was thinking the car may feel a bit slow but I wasnt buying it for speed. Its not slow at all, infact it really moves, it doesnt even feel much if any slower than the mini. Plus I had a 150 mile drive to get it home from the dealer and I was chasing my dad in his M3 all the way (he dropped me off and helped inspect the car etc..) And I kept up with him no problem. Only used 1/4 of a tank to do the 150 miles and was doing 80-85mph all the way. The mini would use well over half a tank to do the same journey and thats at 75mph ave. The car said it was doing 49mpg. Not sure how accurate the trip computer is? Can anyone shed any light on this???

    The car looks great in black with the xenons. It has a half leather grey interior which is very nice and the climate control is brilliant. The bose stereo / cd player and bose speaker system is really good, clear sounds and loud. Its a really smooth drive, it soaks up the road / bumps and miles effortlessly and the sports seats are really comfy so help make the journey go smooth and tirelessly. The engine is a joy to use. I've never really driven a diesel much before but all I had to do was squeeze the pedal a little and it get upto the desired speed. It never had to crack 3000 rpm. It whips up to 80 mph no problem. It feels faster than the 2.0 TDI quattro I drove 6 months ago, no sure why.

    In summary then, I'm very happy with the car, the way it looks and the way it goes. Its got some standard 17 inch alloys which probably need upgrading to a nice looking 19 inch set and maybe some tasteful body styling upgrades like the rieger front lip spoiler plus maybe rieger side skirts (not sure about these yet tho). Would appreciate any ideas.

  2. Calibos

    Calibos Member

    My advice is, the sooner you rack up the miles and run her in, the better.

    Then its Remap Time!! :D
  3. wilko

    wilko Top Gear

    Ha ha the Stig is driving a diesel!! :rockwoot:

    No nice1 John welcome to the wonderful world of Audi A3!:beerchug:

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