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Pick your choice. Which component speakers?

imported_cocain Aug 22, 2004

  1. imported_cocain

    imported_cocain Guest

    Can anyone tell me if they have heard any of these 13cm component speakers and what they think.
    I have been told the Bostons are good for the money. My budget is £200 and not a penny more 'cause I got to sort Andy Mac out for one of his subs!!

    Maybe you could choose out of these or suggest others that you may have heard.

    Boston Acoustics BOS-FS50

    Magnant MAG-XPER213

    MB Quart MBQ-DSE213



  2. So what if they cost £201? Would you still buy them?
  3. Dean_T

    Dean_T Active Member

    i would go for a set of DLS comps, after hearing a set they would be the ones i would spend my hard earned on /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

    i have had a set of MB Quarts and would never buy another - way too bright for my liking and arent really strong on midbass
  4. noslojo

    noslojo Member

    Both the Boston and Focal should be nice and smooth and if you listen to a wide range of music then these will give excellent results. I would also consider the Focal Polyglass V2 line which are around the £170 mark as they would be my choice of almost any comp set under £250 (not considering any discounts here you understand). The Poly glass line may have recently as I'm not able to check out the full details right now but checkout their website and it's not hard to work out as the Access is their budget model and the Polyglass is the next one up. I would rate the Access range as the best comp set for under £200.

    I wouldn't touch the Magnat. I do like the MBs but their lower priced ranges tend to suffer from a lack of precision and colouring of the music. I actually had a set of QM180's which sounded fab in my Corrado a few years back but now I really do find it hard to see past Focal as they are excellent value too.

    If you plan to audition different sets of speakers then try to keep the conditions as standard as poss but remember that just because they sound good in a display they won't necessarily sound the good in a car. It's down to installation and positioning more than anything else.
    That's what makes achieveing true hi-fi within a car's environment so difficult.


    with no comps, amp subs or even car !! 80)
  5. imported_cocain

    imported_cocain Guest

    If they were £201 man that's hard. I'd have to earn the extra cash change my job get myself a few ho's and become a PIMP. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

    By the way I got the power cable in today. Man that was tight. At the rat I'm going with the component hunt I may just be done by the end of the week
  6. Markb

    Markb Active Member

    I've had MB Quart DSC216's and Focal PolyKevlar K2's before my Current JL XR650 CSi's.

    I thought the MB Quart's were a good budget speaker, but they did lack any midbass.

    The Focal Tweeters were too bright for my liking, but I liked the woofer.

    I know they aren't the ones you are looking at, but it gives you an idea /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif
  7. Dean_T

    Dean_T Active Member

  8. [ QUOTE ]
    Dean_T said:
    DLS DLS DLS DLS DLS DLS DLS /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif


    grab a listen to some, you may not recognise their name as much as the ones up top but trust me they perform very well indeed /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

    [/ QUOTE ]

    To be honest, most of the brands when it comes to audio (including home audio) are ones that the general public haven't heard of, and will only be know by those who have a keener interest in this stuff.
  9. Chok,

    Is buying from the US an option? I've probably written this loads of times, in the hope someone will take the advise and save a hell of a lot of money like i did, but i'll just mention it again. Most of them speakers you listed are probably at LEAST half the price in US, and more likely a lot less then half. This would mean you could get even BETTER components then the ones you listed, for the same money. Again probably mentioned this before, i was looking at buying the infinity components from UK, they were £150 (Kappa range). Diamond Audio M651's were £369 (cheapest i could find). Then i looked at america, and found that the Diamond ones, together with a top amp to run them, came to less then £200. So i have got almost £400 worth of speakers for the same money i would pay here to get the almost bottom of the range ones.
  10. Leddy

    Leddy Member

    Hey Pimp,

    Who did you purchase from? Do you have any links etc? What were the shipping costs like?
  11. try this link, they arrived within about 8 days. My shipping costs were a lot (£100+), but thats becuase my cousin ordered at the same time so there were two heavy amps, two set of speakers and 2 wiring kits. Just the speakers itself shouldn't cost a lot. The link is www.audiosaloon.com they have quite a good range of speakers.
  12. if you take something random of that site, and check how much it costs in uk (check www.cel-direct.com for example), you will be amazed at the difference. and then pis*sed off as to why we have to pay so much.
  13. Yeah tell me about it, I was there for a full 7 hours fitting the front speakers and tweeters.

    You have come across the same problem I mentioned above, where all the good speakers are deeper and have bigger magnets. Thats why I couldn't do a 'proper' and neat install using the mounting brackets, becuase with them on it adds at least an extra 1cm to the depth, and the speaker won't fit. Thats why I had to forfiet a more professional fitting by doing without the brackets, and just put screws in wherever i could. Its secured tightly though, so no chance of distortion or vibrations or anything, and the speaker isn't touching anything when its moving.

    Also due to the OEM location, you don't get anywhere near full impact from the speakers. Not only is it too far away, but also that part of panel is bent a bit, so the speakers are facing more forward then back. I might think about getting some proper kick/door builds, and doing it properly. At the moment the quality of my speakers is being wasted due to the location of them.

    PS, how come dynamatting took you so long? That was probably the ONLY part which i found easy to do on a A3! Also, did you take my advice and buy the 'Brown Bread' stuff from Wilco, or did you just stick to Dynamat?
  14. jayfrts

    jayfrts bouncing off the limiter!!!!


    Ive got a set of directed Audio components for my A3, anyways thought i'd check the door cards sunday just to see what i'm up against. First thing you notice is the black Velur covering inside the actual door card, am i right in thinking i9 will have to cut holes to allow the magnet to fit through..........

    Stereo's aint my thing!

    Give me an engine every time!!!!!!!!!!

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