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Photoshop request

dougie175 Feb 20, 2011

  1. dougie175

    dougie175 Member

    Im trying to get an idea of how my car will look if I go ahead and do the ideas I have in my head

    Please can someone take this image and:


    1. Colour code the lower half of the front bumper, leaving the grill black

    2. Smooth the numberplate recess, but do 2 sepearate images one with the numberplate in the original position just with the recess smoothed and another with the numberplate about 3" lower so it hang over the grill, Im trying to get an idea of where I think the numberplate will look best sitting

    3. Also if possible can someone colour code the lower door trims and add the skirts which I intend to buy shown below, please ignore the rest of the car as it is horrible but the skirts are quite subtle, however my photoshop skills are very poor and theres no way I could draw skirts onto my car


    Thanks very much if anyone can do this would be much appreciated

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