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Phone Connection

john24susan Jul 1, 2007

  1. john24susan

    john24susan Member

    Hi folks out there, need some info on mobile phone connections for my audi a3 sportsback 2l TDI 140 BHP. I have the full Audi satnave system fitted as standard to my car. I have a phone button on the system but when i press it says no phone connected. Does any one know how to go about connecting a phone to the system. Or can it be bluetooth with a nokia e65 mobile. It will cost an arm and a leg from audi but it is a shame that it is in my car and cannot use it.
    Many thanks john24susan
  2. jasaudi

    jasaudi Member


    You need to establish whether you have the phone integration in your car. This may either be visible as a phone holder on the dash or as a connector in the arm rest if you have one. It will look like a large oblong piece of grey platic with multipl brass connections at one end. If this is not present then you haven't got the phone integration.

    Now if that is the case, you can I believe get the Parrot system to integrate as a bluetooth phone. Speak to a good in car stereo specialist and I am sure they can fix it

    Hope that helps

  3. JohnS3

    JohnS3 Active Member

    Hi John,

    The factory GSM kit integrates so well with the satnav and the multifunction wheel. CraigyB or (S8craig) will be able to retro fit the Audi bluetooth car kit for you. I think it costs around the same as the factory option from Audi. Contact Craig for further info.

  4. Dandle

    Dandle Member

    The no phone connected message means the system is fitted to your car but the phone isnt paired with it(it comes up with no function if you dont have the system fitted). When you turn the car on you have 5 minutes before the car moves to pair with the bluetooth. You need to do this by using your phone to search for bluetooth devices then connect to the one called Audi****(with each* being a number). The bluetooth pin is 1234 when asked for it.
  5. trims

    trims Member

    Agree with others about the brilliant integration of RNS-E, BT phone prep, and MFSW - well worth the investment IMHO.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't work with all phones. There's a thread on the navplus.us forum which discusses compatibility of various phones with the Audi OEM system. Of the Nokias, the Symbian OS (E, N-series phones) will link and make calls, but only the Series 40 OS phones have full functionality - synchronising address books etc. I have recently upgraded from 6230 to 6300, and confirm that both work fine.

    The navplus forum confirms that the Apple iPhone is also compatible. :hubbahubba:
  6. sjahS3

    sjahS3 Member

    Recently upgraded to an E65 which paired fine with GSM phone prep in car but didn't sync address book, missed calls or anything else :( .

    Ended up selling the E65, mostly due to the above :) .


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