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Phone and I-pod

edition Jan 16, 2008

  1. edition

    edition Active Member


    I currently have a 05 plt 3.2 and the single cd player. I want be able to use my nokia with bluetooth for hands free and i also want to be able to plug i-pod in.

    Not bothered about having to use the i-pod to select tracks as i normally have the g/f with me anyway to do such tasks!

    Can i just buy a cheap lead for this?

    Also whats best way of getting my hands free?


  2. marms

    marms Member

    Ipod - You have two options really.

    1) FM modulator which will transmit the iPod output to a free radio station which you tune your radio into. (cheap but variable results if you live in an area with lots of radio stations)
    2) Audi or Dension iPod interface. £80ish pounds but worth it for the quality sound. These units simulate a CD changer so you can have 5 playlists and use the head unit to change tracks etc.

    Phone / Bluetooth
    Once again, two options really.
    1) Aftermarket bluetooth kit form the likes or Nokia or Parot. Cheaper than Audi options but not as integrated.
    2) Genuine Audi bluetooth kit. Quite expensive but very well integrated into the car.

    My choice would be 2 for iPod and 2 for Bluetooth but only if you have deepish pockets.
  3. edition

    edition Active Member

    Cheers for the reply!

    Not keen on fm transmitter, is in not possible to just plug a cheap lead into the cd changer socket and use the i-pod for selection?

    So how much would i be looking at for the audi phone kit?
  4. marms

    marms Member

    You will need the adaptor to convert to make the head unit think it has a cd changer attached.

    Available form vagparts.com click here for product info.

    Audi bluetooth will cost you in the region of £325 if you fit it yourself or £500 fitted. They do come up quite often on ebay and I bought mine for £125 inc the microphone and cable. Just watch out for the older version D units that are not compatible with many newer phones.
  5. g-man

    g-man Member

    I dont have an ipod (nor want one), but for playing mp3's, I'm looking at this :


    Probably not the only thing that does it, but it plugs into the back of the Symphony (and hopefully the RNS-E when I upgrade!) for mp3's on the move. Supports ipod also.


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