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Phatnoise & Voices:

Davidb67 Jan 24, 2005

  1. Davidb67

    Davidb67 Member

    My music collection on my DMS is using all 3 voice styles that I have available on my system – the male phatnoise voice, female phatnoise voice, and “Microsoft sam”.
    How can I get the whole DMS content to only use 1 voice style.
    Some of the ablum/artist names come out weird, as I’m sure everyone has experienced: Aerosmith sounds like Arozmith; and Wheatus is wey-hey-I-tus!! I’ve tried calling the Wheatus album “Weetus” which seems to work! – is it necessary to play with the nametags of all artists or is there a better way?

    BTW, I recently updated the firmware on my system (which worked fine, no issues) and now the options announced (eg “now browsing artist”) is voiced by a European female, previously it was an American male. I did not change anything myself – has this been a function of the firmware update?
    I did note that in the options for selecting head unit type this time, none of the head units are NAMED now, instead they are “radio type A; B; C – according to the manual, my Audi Concert II is now radio type D – is this normal or have I done something wrong?


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