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phatbox help needed before i kill myself !!

ebbs73 Jun 29, 2006

  1. ebbs73

    ebbs73 Member

    7 weeks for the box ,another 2 weeks for the lead ,
    finally fitted ,
    1st , there`s a long brown wire on the lead that seems to go nowhere on the diagram ???

    2nd the concert radio in the book is a differant one to mine , so how do i set it up ?

    i am well peed off , should have just got a multi cd .

    please help i`m really miffed

  2. Tobez

    Tobez Member

    i havnt got 1 so im shooting in the dark

    The long brown lead is it at the radio end, and has no end on IE bare wire if stripped, If so and im thinking along the lines of everhting else ive fit, It could be the grounding wire, this needs to be soldered screwed to the case for the changer to work.

    as for setting up just press CD button twice and u should have the player on te list, if not try it but choose cd 6 and see if you hear it then
  3. mwarrey

    mwarrey Member

    That is an Earth wire, just need to ground it on the back of the stereo somewhere.
  4. ebbs73

    ebbs73 Member

    now i`ve karmed down a bit i can think clearly , i thought it may be the ground , but with all the problems i`ve had getting it , i did not want to blow it all up ,
    now it`s been confirmed i`ll do it tonight ,
    thank you .

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