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PhatBox from USA

RS84 Apr 16, 2009

  1. RS84

    RS84 R15 - TDI Power

    Anyone know if there any compatibility issues between a PhatBox purchased from the US and a Concert 2 HE in a European A3?

    Has anyone on here purchased a PhatBox from the US?
  2. dunk

    dunk Member

    only the psu is different

    i have a spare audi phatbox, patched to take standard hard drives, complete with 160gig cartridge and the oem 20gig hd, audi cable, uk power supply, drivers etc if anyone is interested - am about to put it on ebay unless i get a good offer
  3. giblets46

    giblets46 Member

    Yeh, my phatnoise came from the USA too, the only thing you should be aware of is that when you get a replacement PSU, you need to check the amperage on it. I got a really cheap one from Argos and my phatnoise craddle did not work as it was only 300mA. The one you get in the pack is 7.5V I think, but my replacement is 9v,a nd runs fine, the Amperage is important though.

    "The AC to DC adapter specifications are as follows:
    • Find a "regulated" power supply; this means its voltage is always the same regardless of the load current. Transformers do not fall into this category.
    • Output (7.5 - 12V DC), 1000mA
    The plug specifications are:

    • 2.1 mm inner diameter, 5.0 mm outer diameter, 9mm sleeve, center positive"

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