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Phatbox, CD changer cable install

charlie_kerr Dec 22, 2007

  1. charlie_kerr

    charlie_kerr New Member

    Hi there,

    I'm looking for some help with regards to fitting an Audi Phatbox to my car, for those who don't know what this is - it's basically a MP3 player that replaces the CD changer.

    My car is a 2003 A6 2.5 TDI Quattaro Saloon. At the moment it has the In-Dash CD Changer (Symphony II) but I'd rather use my Phatbox. I previouslly used my Phatbox in my old car which was a 2000 A6 1.9 TDI Saloon (Pretty much the same chassis) and in that it was mounted in the boots cubby hole (Where the changer was already fitted).

    I'd like to fit the Phatbox into the same cubby hole but there are no wires in place. As the seats cannot tilt forward I can't see fitting it being simple. I'm basically looking for some help with regards to running a cable from the boot cubby hole, round to the headunit.

    I've seen others fitting them in the glovebox but I'd rather keep my glovebox space and try to refrain from cutting it if possible.

    Any help would be appreciated on this matter - I'd be interested to see if anyone can help before I start attempting to pull apart the car!

    Thanks, Kerr. :)
  2. dunk

    dunk Member

    if you remove the phatbox aluminium heatsink - its cosmetic only, you can wrap the small remaining phatbox up with tape or plastic or a thin sheet of aluminum to protect the circuitry

    you can then fit it in your glovebox without it taking all the space and the cable run is very simple - just remove the glovebox to run the cable from the back of the head unit and you could screw the phatbox chassis down to the inside of the glovebox at the same time to anchor it firmly
  3. charlie_kerr

    charlie_kerr New Member

    cheers Dunk,

    Seems a bit drastic, but will give it some thought, is there no need for the heat sink?

  4. timps

    timps Shakersville

    Its not actually a heat sink as dunk says its just cosmetic. Audi had to make it the same width as the OME cd changer to fit in the same hole.
    this is a nice conversion.
  5. simonwjones

    simonwjones Member


    I fitted mine into my A6 saloon.

    being the quattro your back seats should fold down.

    Remove the bolt that the seat clips too and the rear side bolster will fly out. You can then route the cable into the boot.

    drop out the glove box and left side panel and route the cable under the carpet that runs beneath the door sill.

    Its a very simple job and you still keep your gove box.


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