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phatbox cable help

wayne77 May 9, 2007

  1. wayne77

    wayne77 Member

    hi im in need of some help please regarding which cable i need for my phatbox i have just bought.
    i currently have the audi concert stereo with the cd changer in glove box and need to know whether its just a case of a simple plug and play job or do i need a diffrent cable.the cable i recieved with the phatbox is at one end its a wide connector which goes into the back of the phatbox and the other end is a round 13 pin connector.any help would be great as i dont want to start taking things apart if i dont have the right cables plus im useless at things like this.
    sorry to waffle on
  2. timps

    timps Shakersville

    The A4 boot mounted cd changers use the round ‘din’ plug
    The A4 glovebox changers uses the rectangular (VW type) plug.

    You need a Phatnoise (VW type retangular) interface lead part # 000 051 592

    Unfortunately you have got supplied with your Phatnoise

    Phatnoise (Audi type round) interface lead part # 000 051 592A

    www.clairparts.com used to stock the Phatnoise (VW) interface lead for $ 45.35 (they ship to the UK but not sure if they still stock it) an Audi dealer might be able to source or eBay.
    Modify the existing Phatnoise Audi cable to fit using the pin outs on www.phathack.com (requires cutting of cable) .
    buy a new Audi boot round type cd changer cable.
  3. wayne77

    wayne77 Member

    cheers mate will check out ebay first if not audi stealers


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