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Phat Noise Install Location

alexkoon Dec 23, 2004

  1. alexkoon

    alexkoon Member

    Can anyone who has the Phat Noise tell me where its installed by default or are there options for the location.

    The dealer told me by default that it would be on the boot wall - usually on the left hand side. Is there a possibility of having it in the glove box? or under the passenger seat or anywhere else?

  2. TTLAW

    TTLAW Member

    I depends on whether you have sport seats with the drawer underneath. I had mine fitted in the boot on the left hand side. I don't think anywhere else is practical.

    When you get it I recommend ordering an additional DMS cartridge. I now have an 80GB which allows me to encode in better quility due to it's sheer size.

  3. dunk

    dunk Member

    on the older models it goes where the cd changer lives in the left cubby hole- if its in the boot it can get in the way if you actually flatten the seats and use it as a load lugger

    check with a dealer where the factory cd changer lives.

  4. alexkoon

    alexkoon Member

    The Sportsback has the CD changer in the glove box now and that space is quite small.....the PhatNoise looks too big to place there.

    Hope they can fit under the passenger seat. Anyone have it there?

  5. scotslad

    scotslad New Member

    We just installed mine on the back of the left split rear seat of my Sportback The other options were too flimsy and we were concerned about the cartridge getting knocked about. I don't carry a lot of big loads so the slight inconvenience of having the phatnoise on the floor with the seats down aint a problem for me.

    I love it! (And the Sportback too!)


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