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Petrol or diesel Special Edition?

fonz600 Aug 26, 2012

  1. fonz600

    fonz600 Member

    Hi there,

    Been lurking a while but now finally in a position to buy and been searching for a few weeks now for a good Avant Special Edition.

    Anyways I have my eye on 2 of the same year (07) and 1 is the petrol model and the other is diesel.

    I was leaning towards the diesel mainly down to MPG and almost put a deposit down yesterday until I started researching the car more and was shocked to see so many oil balancer shaft issues.

    It's already had the injectors changed due to the known issue with them but is the oil balancer shaft issue really a question of when rather than if?

    If it is that common and a certainty to fail why are so many owners out there sticking with them?

    So is this a no brainer and the petrol should be the only model to go for?
  2. pburv

    pburv Well-Known Member Team Glacier Gold Supporter Audi S3 quattro saloon DSG

    Hi fonze. I have a petrol tfsi quattro special edition 220bhp..I would certainly recommend the petrol engine providing it has the bul prefix.From what I gather this engine is rock solid with not too many issues. Also I think this engine is what Audi GMB use for their S3 engines which are 260 bhp .I may be wrong about this tho?Do a search on bul engine on Wikepedia.Not sure on mileage you do in a year but I find my car reasonable on fuel providing you are light with your right foot. On a good day I average 35mpg on a long trip.
  3. spider74

    spider74 Member

    I had a 2006 170 quattro diesel special edition from new, loved everything about that car bar one thing... The god awful engine, traded it for a 2.0tfsi DTM the petrol is hardly any more thirsty (especially when mapped) and the better car by miles IMO. The 170 diesel should be great (i bought it after loving my 1.9tdi but removing the dpf, injectors etc etc etc is such a pain and I rarely saw 40mpg (get 35mpg all day every day in my petrol). some are lucky I wasn't. Petrol all the way on this model or go for the 3.0tdi, it is a great engine. Totally different.

    Good luck with the search :)
  4. razza1

    razza1 Well-Known Member

    Unless you're doing really high miles,go petrol
  5. Molnboman

    Molnboman Well-Known Member

    If you are not doin serious miles at least 12,000plus min' a year.....than save the heartache and wallet fatigue and buy yersel a Petrol job!

    Good Luck and we want pics! hahaha

    Last edited: Aug 27, 2012
  6. Dougie'76

    Dougie'76 Member

    I've recently brought an Avant 170 TDI Special Edition and thankfully I seem to be one of the lucky ones...so far anyway!

    I love everything about the car; the looks, the drive, the feel, etc and I seem to be able to get 45-48mpg tank to tank which isn't what I was expecting (I thought I'd get far more!) but then compared to my previous car, I still deem this to be pretty good.
  7. Jeeves

    Jeeves quattronly


    Don't get overwhelmed by all the negative stories about 170s. Once you get used to the engine's characteristics they're great and should return anything from 40 MPG (quattro) upwards.

    Mine's a highly specced quattro which I've had for 50,000 miles over 5 years from new. During that time I've not seen a DPF light come on and the only issue has been the injectors which were replaced FOC by Audi. I'm glad it was done as the car is a bit more lively and the MPG has improved as a result.

    Reading the scare stories, I decided to get a third party warranty which covers DPF and virtually everything else too for under £50 a month when it was 4 years old. Its comprehensive and transferrable, so whilst its peace of mind I'm almost pleased to say its money I've wasted due to forum scare stories.
  8. fonz600

    fonz600 Member

    I only do 6-8k miles a year.
    i was gonna chip either 1 once I got it so what kinda mpg is the petrol guys getting with there chipped cars.
  9. Stringster

    Stringster Missed gear

    The fuel cost difference between 35mpg petrol and 45mpg diesel over 8000 miles is approx £26 per month.

    I regularly get over 40mpg on a 70 mile motorway run in my chipped petrol (the record has been 46mpg at a steady 70mph).

    Mixed average is 34mpg. When hooning this goes down to the 20's though.
  10. Craig Cull

    Craig Cull Well-Known Member

    I have a special edition 2.0t fsi Quattro (220bhp) and I do 15 miles per day round town and I get 30mpg all day long. Can't fault it in any way. As said above, unless ur on long runs all the time, definitely go petrol. I've been told with a re-map you can see even better fuel economy. Just make sure the clutch has plenty of life in it. This is the main reason mine is still running standard 220bhp, with a decat pipe. (that alone made a noticeable difference in economy an performance)
  11. psd99

    psd99 Member

    I also have the 2.0t fsi quattro engine so far so good
    got a 162kw engine approx 220bhp

    Abiut three months ago i was asking myself the same questions but went with petrol in the end
    no regrets so far:)

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