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PES Supercharged / MRC Tuned S5

Spinner_S5 Feb 2, 2011

  1. Spinner_S5

    Spinner_S5 New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Some of you might remember I've been investigating supercharging my 4.2 and had a Group Buy thread going over on A5OC.com for most of last year.

    To cut a long story short I spent many an hour in discussions with different suppliers and eventually having had a ride in the first PES charged RS4 in the UK I put my money down for their kit.

    PES supplied me the first S5 G4 7psi kit, MRC were the installers and I also paid out for a custom tune from them.

    As it stands the kit produces 531ps / 628nm torque @ crank and running on stock clutch.
    I also had an independant hub dyno report for my own piece of mind and anyone else that was sceptical about the results...


    I picked the car up on Thursday and have done 500 miles in it since including 6 1/4 runs. It's a superb peice of kit, run like stock when cruising around town but is a real beast when you want her to be, just what the RS5 should have been!

    Below are a couple links to some short video's....

    1/4 mile runs:
    First attempt 12.5secs / 114mph. There is more to come (0.2-0.3 secs) with good track conditions.

    MRC dyno run:

    Independant hub dyno run:

    Future plans...
    • Uprating oem clutch material and pressure plate (not even sure it's necessary yet as feathering stock clutch off the line is very strong)
    • Possible lightweight flywheel but can't find one on the market yet
    • Lightweight wheels
    • Water/Meth
    • More later down the line!
    Check out http://www.a5oc.com/forums/pes-supercharger-update-t13582.html for all the history.

    For anyone considering such an upgrade on the back of my results PES are also having a G4 kit sale details here .... http://www.a5oc.com/forums/pes-supercharger-kit-t14819.html?p=153029#post153029
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