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Performance mods for a 200bhp A3 TDI

Toxik-Signal Mar 2, 2007

  1. Hi everyone, thought I'd ask in here as the replies in the A3 forum were quite vague.

    Basically what I'm looking to do is get around 200bhp out of my Audi A3 TDI (PD130), now I'm going to uprate the clutch and get a remap, but I understand that that will take me up to around the 175bhp mark.

    What performance mods will I need to do to get 200bhp out of my car
    after a remap and how much would I be looking to spend on these mods?

    Thanks in advance!
    -Andy. :icon_thumright:
  2. MikeA3

    MikeA3 Active Member VCDS Map User

  3. p-torque.co.uk

    p-torque.co.uk Member


    This includes a re-map, high flow filter and Forge intercooler system.

    To break the 200bhp mark, a turbo back exhaust system would be advised.


  4. golisago

    golisago Member

    Where to start..........free flowing air filters = watch out for the re-oil-able ones they do maf sensors inn and for not much gain if any 1hp/2hp max...but put together with say a 2.5 turbo back gives faster spool up but mainly cooler egt's which is a good thing for turbo diesels.

    If you want 200hp from the A3 tdi 130hp you will need either a hybrid vnt17 (Allards VT2 turbo) a larger fmic and the re-map....if you want more than this say around 240hp Allard will offer you the VT5 , now the thing that i have against the VT5 turbo is that i'm shaw its still a milled out turbine vnt17 housing with a bigger wheel fit into it just the same as the VT2 turbo setup.

    I think it would be better to fit a vnt20/22 together with a separate exhaust manifold / header ......this kit will hopefully be available from us @ RStuning soon along with pd race injectors good for up to 280hp as long as you get the turbo to produce the right amounts of boost to support it.

    We will be shortly taking stock of a brand new Dyno Dynamics dyno-meter plus new premises to try and accommodate the higher influx of resent customers.....if any of you tdi'ers want to talk big power tdi's call me on 07920-843699.


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