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performance figures

goon Jul 3, 2009

  1. goon

    goon Member

    may return to an A4 this year but cannot choose between 2.0 T quattro or S4. Can anyone supply performance figures for a tweaked 2.0T as I can do without the extra purchase price and fuel/insurance cost of a S4,I think a remapped 2.0 would probably fit the bill better.
  2. chrisru

    chrisru New Member

    Like my 3.0 TDI which is nearly S4 quick in the mid range. Audi Driver had it a few fractions of a second down I recall.
  3. rowdyboy

    rowdyboy Member

    I would definitely check out a 3.0 Tdi first, excellent performance and still 30 odd to the gallon. Mine is still standard @204 bhp and i still keep up with and overtake impreza's etc. I'm sure dazmo will tell you how good his is, mapped to 275 bhp.
  4. razza1

    razza1 Well-Known Member

    2.0T spec edition remapped will give about 260BHP and similar levels of torque (in lbs/ft). Current power is 220BHP and similar torque (equivalent to 300NM). 2.0T normal is about 20BHP less. Get about 35mpg out of it and is pretty quick off the mark and not bad levels of torque. If I had bought the 4WD version I would definately remap it, with FWD though I think it'll just wheel spin too much..
  5. Dazmo

    Dazmo Active Member

    He sure will lol

    Remember though that they changed the standard power from 204bhp to 233bhp around 2007 i beleive so it helps if you start on that.

    I started with 233bhp so with a remap will give you anywhere between 260-280bhp and gives you 530-550nm torque.

    Its a hell of a beast and with 4wd its a different animal.

    Very quick when you need it to be and will happilly sit on the motorway all day long.

    Just to point out i did 200 miles yesterday on a quarter of a tank of diesel.
  6. goon

    goon Member

    looking for a better quality interior and better mpg than my Focus ST at the moment.
  7. steve123a

    steve123a Member

    I have just bought a DTM A4, standard they are 220bhp, its been mapped and seems very nippy and has a lot of torque... I had an standard S3 previous and the DTM is faster all the way! Fuel consumption is a lot better than the S3, use to get about 250 out of a tank on that and over 300 (around 30mpg) in the A4 with the same amount of fuel and that's town driving.

    Was looking at the S4 as an option but the fuel consumption on them is 15-20mpg and with the price of petrol going up again couldnt justify it! They do sound nice tho!

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