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Performance figures

robthehungrymonkey May 21, 2004

  1. Has anyone with a chipped car done any timed runs to see what how much quicker their car is against the clock (0-60, 0-100 etc.)?

    Have read a [censored] load of stuff regarding power/torque increases, but no times. And not being that technical /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif, times mean more to me than power figures! How does a chipped S3 compare to a standard S4? They would seem to be similarly powered, but with an S3 being a fair bit lighter. Any help would be handy.

  2. GolfTTish

    GolfTTish Member

    Not sure I agree with you there rich. I find standard s4's fairly easy to see off, but chipped s3's less easy.

    S4's are heavy old beasts.
  3. Leetaylor

    Leetaylor Member

    what about a chipped s3 0-60???
  4. Supercharged

    Supercharged New Member

    S4 (Biturbo) - curb weight 1540kg
    S3 - curb weight 1375 kg

    So presumming they have similar power I'd imagin the S3 would be slightly quicker
  5. audidude

    audidude New Member

    Chipped S3 definitely quicker - 0-100kph 5.7, and don't forget this UNDERestimates real world acceleration as a change into third gear is required in the S3.

    But real difference is mid-range - 80-120kph 3rd gear S3 is 3.4 - can't remember exact figure for S4 but recall that my S3 was quicker by more than a whisker. In fact in the meaty mid-range my S3 almost had the measure of mate's RS4.

    Weight is the killer for the S4 and RS4 - especially understeer in twisty stuff. And note that the new A3 3.2q is about 1600kg!! Gonna need that twin turbo to get up and go!

  6. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Active Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    cybrey said:

    imho I would say that the even when the S3 is chipped it will still be slower than the S4.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Indeed it is...
    My S3 at 274 BHP / 320+ lb-ft against David R's S4 (when it was standard)...rolling start (perhaps 10MPH) up to speeds you will go to jail for - the S4 is always fractionally quicker. Maybe by 1-2 car lengths.

    On the twisties, the S3 has it...but eventially there'll be a straight along...and the S4 will come into it's own.
  7. Banwell

    Banwell previously LeeS3

    Was a little worried by a mini copper the other day on twisties & doing legal speeds. I wasn't really pushing on but I was finding it difficult to make the S3's performance difference tell - maybe the cooper's handing is superior?

    Anyone else had a similiar run with a cooper or cooper s.

    Ps. he was really pushing it, in fact I'd decided he was an accident waiting to happen..

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