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Performance expectations of an A4 2.0 FSI

koonl Dec 3, 2006

  1. koonl

    koonl Member

    Hi all,

    I'm selling my A3 1.8T for an A4 Avant ready for the new baby. I really would like an 1.9 TDi (130) or 2.5 TDi in automatic or semi-automatic, but I'm finding them few and far between for my budget of upto £10k <80k miles on a 52/53 plate, with all the features that I require. Going through Autotrader I saw a lot of 2.0 FSI models with multitronic. The performance figures don't look too bad on paper, but how does this model perform in reality? Having owned a 1.8T and driven a 1.9TDi, I'm a bit cautious about going for a non-turbo car now. Is the acceleration sluggish? Are there any issues with these engines? Which is the best FSI engine? What is the main advantage of FSI anyway?

    One last question, according to Parker's Guide, rear electric windows on an A4 are only available on V6 models - is this true?
  2. cadders

    cadders Member

    Hi, I have a 03 plate 2.0 FSI saloon with a multitronic gearbox and I would advise caution. Compared to the cars I've owned immediately before this (a couple of 1.8 manual Zantias and then a couple of 2.0 automatic Mondeos) this is demonstrably quicker 0-60. However....it doesn't feel faster.

    I have driven an A3 TDI and an A4 1.8T as loaners and they felt MUCH faster and more responsive; it's impossible to pretend that the 2.0 FSI (particularly with multitronic) will supply the same torquey, urgent power delivery you may be used to. However, in reality you will find that you reach motorway speeds in the same time (or maybe slightly quicker) than most comparable cars, it's just it's acheived without any drama, (or involvement depending on your point of view).

    The multitronic box definately has the Marmite thing going on; personally I love it but it is so different from almost every other type of gearbox that I can understand why some people dislike it. A word of caution though; if you do decide to go the multitronic route make sure that it has had the transmission fluid changed at every 40,000 miles. Search my other posts for an issue I have had with mine. They seem to be reliable and good for 150,000+ miles but only if they have had the ATF changed regularly

    In short, test drive one and be realistic as to whether you can live with it.

    In responce to your other questions, I believe that there were some issues with the earlier versions of these engines so you might be best advised to go for one on 53 plate. Another 'feature' of the engine is that it is noisy when started from cold, doesn't last long but is normal. As far as I am aware there was only ever a choise of one non-turbo FSI engine for the A4; the 2.0 FSI. The main advantage of FSI is the fuel consumption; I'm getting 37-39 mpg on my 100 mile round-trip commute to work and an overall 35.4 mpg since the last sevice 5500 mile ago.
    I have SE spec and this includes electric rear windows.

    I have re-read this post and it sounds a bit negative; that's not my intention - my 2.0 FSI is easily the best car I have ever owned and it is ideal for effortless, smooth, economical mile munching - which is exactly what I need it for. If you enjoy a bit of hooning around then I think you might be a bit disappointed.

    Anyway, good luck with impending fatherhood :)
  3. koonl

    koonl Member

    Cheers for the response - I read the post about the clattering noise as if it was a diesel, and I totally know what you mean about the "no-thrills" aspect of it.

    It sounds as if the car is a good car in it's own right, and comparable to other makes in it's league, but obviously lacking the umph that I'm used to in a turbo'd engine. I was initially attracted to the 2.0 FSI as there was a lot of choice with all the right equipment at a decent price. With the baby in the rear, it might be a good car, but when it's only me in it, "yes" I like to boot it now and again...think I'll take a pass on it.

    Thanks again for the information!


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