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performance exhaust

imported_rapiddiesel Dec 26, 2004

  1. hi,

    ive got an a3 tdi. ive had it chipped at tsr performance and its kicking out 182 bhp, i'm thinking of getting a performance exhaust and i was wondering if any one here has one on there tdi and what sort of power gains did you get and waht do they sound like on a diesel.

    i was thinking about a miltek manifold back one to get rid of the cat and free up a few more horses.

    thanks john
  2. AntonA4TDI

    AntonA4TDI Member

    Usually don't expect any power gains. There is no valve overlap on tdi's so exhaust tuning is pointless. A common thing to do on tdi's is to remove all the silencers as the turbo eats most of the exhaust noise its not that much louder without them. With no silencers or a performance high flow muffler you will have more free flowing exhaust which will lower your exhaust gas temps and your turbo will spool up quicker so you will probably see lower end torque gains. Its up to you which route you take but as I say don't expect any power gains from this.

    On my older tdi I had all silencers took out and cat but this was abit too loud. I put center box back on (shortest silencer and it was straight through) and the noise was back to standard levels even though the backbox and cat was off. Before that I had all the silencers off with just the cat on and it wasn't too bad only loud when you floored it.

    You should try and experiment try taking your silencers off see how it sounds the PDs might sound a bit different.


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