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Pedal offset - how much of a problem for you?

Vertigo1 Apr 1, 2012

  1. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member


    Interloper from the A3 forum here, am strongly considering moving up to an A4 when my company car comes up for renewal soon but have one big concern.

    I had a new model A4 loaner a few months back and was frankly staggered at the pedal offset. The clutch pedal was literally in line with the steering column! Obviously this is due to some problem getting the linkage closer to the central tunnel on the RHD models and I'm aware that we often get more pronounced offsets than LHD models but this seemed ridiculous to me and felt very unnatural or uncomfortable.

    Can I ask whether people here have noticed this and to what degree it's a problem for them? Have you found it uncomfortable but then adapted to it? Do you still find it uncomfortable after a while of ownership? I have size 11 feet and was concerned that I may never adjust to it or even find it comfortable but this is obviously something I can't put to the test on a short test drive.

    I would consider the auto option which would obviously get round the problem but this would increase my tax bill by 38% due to the higher emissions and is thus a non-starter.

    Any opinions welcomed :)
  2. wolfie138

    wolfie138 Active Member

    mmmm, not really much of an issue for me on my usual runs, which are shortish commutes. i like the space to have somewhere to put my foot when the Cruise is on tho. did feel my knee twagging a bit when i took a haul to Leeds for a gig last year, not sure that was 100% due to my foot position, might've been my leg position in general.
  3. johnnythepie

    johnnythepie Well-Known Member

    was really noticeable when i got my first a4 which was a b7.the offset seems more pronounced in a b8, but believe me you will get used to it very quickly.Major issue is though that there is nowhere to put your right foot when using cruise.which is why i dont use it!!
  4. Soft lad

    Soft lad Member

    This was my biggest worry when considering an A4. I actually spoke to a guy who had broken down with a flat and he said "Really?? There's an offset" so it wasn't an issue for him. I got mine and although I did notice it, I too like the space on the left so I can tuck my size 11's in there. Being 6'2 I found it very relaxing and on long journeys, you don't even realise. I'm happy to make the compromise between an offset and a superb amount of leg stretch room. I don't think I'll ever consider another car now. A4 is the way for me.
  5. longp2

    longp2 Active Member

    I had a manual S4 loaner and while I did notice the offset at first I did get used to it. I'm waiting to take delivery of my new S4 very soon, it's an s-tonic so this won't be an issue but had the manual been available I'd have got one.

    With regards to emissions the s-tonic actually has a lower output so I'd have thought it would have been cheaper going for this option - not sure if this is the case with the cvt box though.
  6. scoTTy

    scoTTy Active Member

    Everyone notices it on their test drive, first drive etc but then never considers it again.

    In the first week of ownership I did a 6 hour drive to Cornwall and didn't notice it at all.
  7. Simo_UK

    Simo_UK Member

    Yep I agree. Had mine about a month now. It REALLY p*ssed me off initially. But you get used to it and all is good!

    Don't let this minor issue ruin your purchase!!!!!!
  8. A4B8Sline

    A4B8Sline Active Member

    To be honest reading this thread is the first time ive noticed it. Ive had no problems in driving so far, although now im aware it might bug me.
  9. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the input, has reassured me quite a bit. I think I need to arrange an extended test drive to see how I get on with it.

    Regards emissions and the S-tronic being better than a manual, I'm looking at the 177PS 2.0TDI which only comes in manual or Multitronic.
  10. KJN

    KJN Member

    Wow never even realised it until reading this post, obviously not a problem for me
  11. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member

    Well on further investigation, perhaps the auto is an option after all.

    The manual 177PS 2.0TDI is listed at 120g/km of CO2 which equates to 13% BIK tax, but it seems that, from this tax year starting in four days, the thresholds are lowered so 120g/km will be 18%, which will cost me around another £60 a month in tax!!

    Annoying that the threshold is dropping and the rate going up so much but means that the auto wouldn't be that much more expensive again I suppose.

    What's really annoying is that even the 143PS version, which is 119g/km and would stay at 13% for this tax year, will also jump to 18% next year when the threshold drops to 115g/km! The 136PS TDIe would remain under the threshold but they don't offer this in S-Line trim and I'd not want that little power anyway.
  12. longp2

    longp2 Active Member

    Test drive both and see which you prefer, like I said I'd have gone for the manual if I could but the S-tronic is an awesome bit of kit and seems to suit the S4 so i think I can put up with it. Having said that i've read a few bad reports on other forums regarding the multi-tronic box so had that been the only option I may have had to have a rethink.
  13. wassap

    wassap Member

    Ive driven the 136ps AND 143PS back to back and honestly I couldnt tell the difference, im from the MOAR POWAA brigade normally, but I was really impressed with the 136ps Engine.
  14. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member

    Well the 177PS diesel isn't available with S-tronic so it's kind of moot but I tried the first gen DSG in an A3 back in 2006 and didn't like it at all tbh, although I'd have been prepared to give it a second chance as it's been modified and improved since then.

    I'm sure there's little difference twixt the 136PS and 143PS units but the point is the 136PS isn't available in the trim level I want and the 143PS will only save me tax for six months or so and then I'm at the same level the 177PS would be. I've had a 140PS A3 and now two 170PS ones and I wouldn't go back to the 140 - I like the extra oomph :)
  15. kev.s

    kev.s Active Member

    it's a pain in the hole, but as my missus gets the car and i get the pushbike then i enjoy the offsetness when i get it :)
  16. toastyhamster

    toastyhamster Member

    There's on offset?

    No issue the wife moaning about it. She sits in the drivers seat, panics at what button to press and I end up driving.
  17. kwask2or

    kwask2or Member

    I was aware of the offset before purchasing my new A4. Have had it for a week and cannot see how this could be a problem. This should not be a factor in your decision making IMO.
  18. Inked

    Inked Takin it easy

    Always comes up as a negative in reviews of the A4 so I was concerned before buying mine, but as soon as I sat in one for a test drive I realised it wasn't a problem.
  19. Jetset

    Jetset Member

    After a minute of driving it is not noticable, even when mainly driving another car which doesn't have offset.
  20. Crazyfool

    Crazyfool Lead boot

    It never used bothered me and certainly not the wife, but lately I seem to be a little conscious of it. I shuffle around in my seat a bit to get comfortable and to be honest it is not even the comfort factor, its more that I don't want to wear out the seat bolster which is leather.

    We did just over 1700 miles last week on our holiday in Scotland and the car was really comfortable. I was more than happy to get back in it on Monday to travel to work.

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