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Pedal Covers

bimilne Oct 17, 2012

  1. bimilne

    bimilne New Member


    Does anyone know if the pedal covers from an Audi A4 B7 will fit my A4 B8 ?


  2. 5102 IA

    5102 IA Member


    I've just done this myself on my Aug 08 B8.
    The clutch and brake covers taken from my B7 fit (just!) but the accelerator pedal is different. However, the accelerator cover from a LHD B7 does fit the RHD B8!!
    I sourced a used one from Germany. Obviously the footrest is totally different though.

    I had purchased a full pedal set for a B8 from German e-bay, it was a flier as they wouldn't guarantee they would fit as they were LHD. These were the later design, The accelerator fit fine and either the brake or clutch did too (but I can't remember which at the moment), however, the other needed a hole in the centre of the pedal as the cover needed to slide up and then had a central section that then clipped in - rather than the conventional B7 type "wrestle it on" type fitting.
    From this a suspect that the B8 pedals may differ on later models to earlier ones such as mine that don't have the necessary hole, but later ones might!
    So in summary I have a nice shiny new set of LHD B8 pedal covers and footrest sat in a box, as only accelerator and one other pedal fit (and I didn't want to go modifying my pedals) and ended up fitting my old B7 clutch and brake pedal covers and a LHD B7 accelerator cover.

    I'm just waiting for the RHD RS4 to come along now, then a footrest may become available too.

    Sorry its not straight forward... a bit mix 'n match at the moment, but I hope that helps!

    Last edited: Oct 17, 2012
  3. bimilne

    bimilne New Member

    Cheers for reply Ian

    Think will just leave it for now !!


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