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PDC & BT Retrofitted! BIG thanks to NHN 😃

A3SBQ Apr 4, 2013

  1. A3SBQ

    A3SBQ A3 SportBack 2TFSI quattro DSG

    I retrofitted my OEM PDC and BT parts purchased from Mr. NHN the King of retrofitting OEM pars.
    All parts came packed in perfect conditions and as promised.

    After sitting on my storage for over a year, I decided to install the lot.
    Since I did not plan the installation with NHN before my start, I tried my best by reading all threads on this befor my start.
    I ended up with some small problems, so had to contact Nigel for assistance. As always he helped me.

    Even when I did this in the Easter holiday hi helped me. This was done wile he was driving a 3hour drive home after a long working day. He never complained about being tired or that I needed to wait.

    I have needed/received help from Nigel three times now and all of them have been excellent and beyond what can be expected from him.

    I will highliy recommend people to buy parts from him for the piece of mind that all is 100% right and for the best service around.
    Oh I live in Norway by the way. But this is no problems for Mr. Nigel.

    If someone here knows Nigel privately I would appreciate the help of handing over some of his favorite beer Carlsberg. Just PM me and I will wire the money throw PayPal.

    Do youself and the car a favour and contact Nigel for your OEM retro pars and you will be safe.
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2013

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