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PCV Problem?

viceroy Aug 1, 2012

  1. viceroy

    viceroy Active Member

    Bit of history first.

    I had my car serviced about 1800mi ago (2 months) and and at that service they replaced the PCV.
    About 2 weeks after that service, I started noticing a slight intermittant flat spot at 2000rpm. I don't know if flat spot is the correct term for this, but basically if I had lifted off for a few seconds then reapplied throttle, nothing would happen for about 1/2 a second then the car would suddenly come alive and I could accelerate again. Have been suspecting it was the multitronic, but I took it back to Audi and they keep telling me there is nothing wrong with the car, even after I showed them the flat spot. (It seems their attitude is if there is no error from the computer, there is nothing wrong)

    This morning when I got to work, I put my car into Park and noticed that the revs rose to about 1100-1200rpm and sort of hovered around there.

    I revved to 2000rpm, the revs would drop back down to 800rpm for a second or two and then rose back ro 1100rpm.

    I revved to 2000rpm again and the revs dropped to 800rpm, but idle was very lumpy...the whole car was shaking slightly, then the idle became smooth, and then after a second or so, the revs were hovering between 1100 and 1200rpm.

    Didn't do this when I was leaving home and the engine was cold.

    I'll go do a VCDS scan during lunch to see what errors pop up.

    I suspect the idle issue is PCV, but could it also be creating a flat spot at 2000rpm?
    Maybe the car is just trying to tell me to get a younger model...perhaps something with an 'S' in the name ;)
  2. bowen

    bowen Member

    Start the car and try to remove the oil filler cap. Is there suction? If so then its PCV fault. (at least thats how it works on the b6)
  3. viceroy

    viceroy Active Member

    Definately suction, and idle definately gets worse.
    Scan only showed up one code - P0507

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