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PCD Adaptors?

twist May 17, 2007

  1. twist

    twist Member

    Anyone running these

    There are a LOT of BBS wheels on Ebay.de for very cheap prices but almost all have a PCD of 5X112 which is no good.

    Has anyone use the H&R adaptors to change this or other brands, or is this not a good idea?

    Any opionions/experiences?
  2. sitrials

    sitrials Member

    Got them on my S3 as i'm running old A8 monoblocks they are safe as they bolt directly to your hub then the wheel to the adaptor i'm very impressed with them!
    if you get them use a ET20 on rear and ET25 on front!
    i bought 2 set of 20mm H&Rs i should have put 25mm on rear or a bit more!
    thats for an S3 because of the HUGE arches!
  3. DPM

    DPM Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Alot of people use the H&R adaptors and to be honest there's no real problem with them, they're just like large spacers. Give us a shout if you want a price!

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