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Pc problems, anyone?

Dazmo Jun 23, 2009

  1. Dazmo

    Dazmo Active Member

    Anyone good with pc jargon, im ok but having problems and need abit of advice.

    My pc is randomly turning itself off and just cutting out, it also fails to start sometimes and has false starts e.g starts then just turns off immediatly.

    I think it could be a faulty power supply or my pc is being overclocked!

    I ran my motherboard pc probing software and it gave me an alert/warning message that my pc power chassis 2 and power fans were at o rpm so i am assuming they are knackered can anyone confirm this please?

    Do i need a new power supply perhaps?
  2. dc240969

    dc240969 Member VCDS Map User

    When l started reading this l though it was a heat problem. l regularly give mine a hoover, inside and out as dust and hair collects, got a dog and cat. If anyone has a laptop you might have noticed the intake will get dusty if your laptop is in one place for a while. It could be down to overheating, but if its the fans then certainly. You can replace the fan easily enough on some systems, the power unit might have one built in. Power units are easy to replace, and cheap enough, lm sure you can do it yourself. There are programs out there that will tell you what your system temperture is.
  3. inigoj

    inigoj Member

    Most likely a bad power supply, but this could also have fried the mobo and/or cpu.

    A dodgy chassis fan would not cause startup/restarting problems.
  4. 10blazin


    open the pc up replace the power supply and get a paint brush pretty fine , brush all the dust out of the computer and then power the pc up check the cpu fan is spinning also if not get a new one there easy to replace also if you do all that this should sort it ....:icon_thumright:

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