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paying off a policy over half way through by crredit card?

ColganRaz Oct 24, 2012

  1. ColganRaz

    ColganRaz Member

    hi guys, i lost my job today so im organizing my bills etc.

    im 7 months into my policy with aviva, leaving only 3 payments of £140 left to pay, just wanting to know if anyone knows if i can ring up and pay the outstanding balance by credit card, so i can free up the money i have saved in the bank to pay rent etc. as i am unsure how long i could be with out a job for.

    i scoured the internet for answers but couldnt find anything >(

    thanks in advance
  2. AndyParker

    AndyParker Active Member

    Sorry to hear about the job mate.

    I don't see why you wouldn't be able to settle the last 3 payments on card but i think the easiest way would be to call and ask. Do you make the payments direct to Aviva or is it via a finance company?

    Only other thing to consider is that you might have paid a premium for splitting the payments into monthly installments (as it's a form of credit) so all you are really doing by putting it on card is moving a form of finance that you have already paid a premium for (?) onto another form of credit.

    Rather than paying all three months in one go on the card could you pay each month as it falls due on the card?

    Other alternative is whether you can pay your rent on credit card via the agents/landlord?
  3. ColganRaz

    ColganRaz Member

    thanks for the quick reply! these job cuts do happen, see it all the time on t.v. and though it could never happen to me, will defenaitely learn to be more prepared!

    unfortunately i will have payed an extra £2-300 interest on my insurance, its a shame putting credit onto more credit but its a temporary fix i would have to take if the options available to free up my money i have banked

    my insurance is payed directly to aviva, i will have to ring them up and see i guess, i thought i would see if anyone knew before though because i will end up being on the phone for about 30mins, getting passed from person to person and 0844 numbers cost me a fortune to call :p cheers though
  4. C6 DRN

    C6 DRN living the dream Audi S3 Black Edition

    You can settle your finance early with card iv done this before but you normally end up paying slightly more than due.
  5. ColganRaz

    ColganRaz Member

    thanks for the help, ended up ringing them and clearing the balance with a credit card so it can be done with aviva, not sure on other companies but no problem with them
  6. Tim@Prestige

    Tim@Prestige Active Member

    Sorry, just back from a week away.
    There is no problem with doing this with most insurers and it also saves on monthly interest charges so works out slightly cheaper!

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