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Passenger Side Door Speaker really Low volume?

J8TT X Dec 30, 2011

  1. J8TT X

    J8TT X Member

    Ive searched the forum and still need help!!
    My passenger side front door speaker works but has really low volume compared to the drivers side.
    (Low as in you have to put our ear to the speaker to hear it)

    Ive removed the speaker and swapped it with the drivers door speaker and its still the same on the passenger side.
    So i think the speaker is fine.
    Ive had a quick look and the wiring and theres no cuts or damaged to them that i can see.
    Ive looked at the amp and the connection seems ok (not dirty/rusted as ive seen in other posts)

    Ive had the problem since owning the car but its the first chance ive had to look into it.
    I have the double din Symphony head unit (6 disk and tape)
    its full Bose.
    My car is a 2005 3 door A3.

    Where should i look next?
    ive been advised to find the drivers door and passenger door outputs and switch them over from the amp, to determine if i need a new amp. Is this the only way to check?
    Does anyone know what wires i need to cut and swap?

    ive got fairly basic knowledge/skills so be easy with me..

    Thanks in advance
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Is the tweeter the same?
    They both run off the same channel, so if the tweeter is equally low volume then it is definately not the speaker. I'd just swap the amp as there are plenty on ebay. You really don't want to be cutting into the tightly packed and crowded Bose wiring loom.
    Is the passenger side rear OK?
    Is the problem on both CD & radio?
  3. J8TT X

    J8TT X Member

    Cheers AndyMac

    Yeah i think the tweeter is the same,
    The rear speaker is fine.
    The problem is the same with radio and CD.

    Looks like its a new amp then. Ive had a quick look at amps and theres only one at the moment:

    AUDI A4 B6 BOSE AMPLIFIER AMP 8H0 035 223 B 8H0035223B | eBay

    Is this the right one?
    What price do you think i should be paying?

  4. s8craig

    s8craig Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    You really need to get the amp for your car model, not an A4 Cab amplifier.
  5. J8TT X

    J8TT X Member

    Oh ok, i didnt think they would be different amps.
  6. Paul100

    Paul100 Member

    Dont want to offend, but you of course have checked the balance is centered?
  7. J8TT X

    J8TT X Member

    Lol Yes i have checked.

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