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passenger side door lock not engaging...wreckin my head!!!

tullA6 Sep 11, 2011

  1. tullA6

    tullA6 Mean Green Machine

    anyone encountered this difficulty. the door closes but just doesnt go all the way.
    have shot some lube into the lock hinge, but seems to be a temporary fix only!!!

    Any ideas???
  2. Rob519

    Rob519 New Member

    I've had the same problem with my 2003 A6 as well so today I took the door to bits with help from this: AudiWorld Tech Articles

    Been driving me up the wall especially when passengers get in and keep just slamming the door like it’s gonna make a difference!! Anyway I digress. Whilst I did not open up the inner workings of the electric motors on the latch mechanism I did split it into the two pieces. This gives you a reasonable amount of access to the mechanics that keep the latch working and in place.

    First I cleaned all the old grease out as best I could, left it all to dry out a bit (I used a bit of gunk). Then re-applied grease to all the moving parts making sure everything was well covered. Re-assembled the unit and connected to the wiring loom. After a quick tested all was well.

    Once happy all was good I re-mounted the latch mechanism, popped the window frame back in and lined it up (Normally a pain in the ****! But was spot on 1[SUP]st[/SUP] time). Bolted it all in and closed the door. So far, so good everything seems to be working and after a few more test I was happy. The door seems to be latching properly and the door alignment is better than before I started!

    Sorry I’ve no pics but couldn’t find the camera this morning. Hope this helps


    N.B. The two bolts holding the latch in the door were a real pain. I ended up ruining one of the bolts so make sure you use A) the right tool & B) penetrating spray.
  3. tullA6

    tullA6 Mean Green Machine

    Thanks Rob, after much research including readin your link, i opted for a dose of WD 40 into the latch followed by some lithium grease and hey presto...seems to be doing the trick....no more repeated banging of the door to get it closed. Hope i havent jinxed it!!! the only thing i have learned is that an a6 front door has the same weight as a barn door, and new users dont factor that into the equation when they slam it like it was a door on a Fiesta!!! the Education goes on!! " just feel the weight of the door and let its own momentum close itself!!!" thanks again.

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