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Passenger airbag warning light in headlining

jb111s May 27, 2009

  1. jb111s

    jb111s Member

    About to change my headlining over to s-line spec at the weekend. Just noticed the new black interior centre light doesn't have the "passenger airbag disabled" light at the top that my current one does.

    The new light unit looks like this...


    Is this necessarily a problem ? Did the wiring change from the 04 models & if not will it cause anything to get upset once I plug it in ?
  2. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    They did change it, not sure what year. My 2003 also has it in the lighting unit too. I've seen the picture of the switch on the dash next to the ESP button like here:


    Where are everbody elses lights, do they have one? Not sure what would be involved in moving it, could mean a bit of dash stripping I guess!
  3. jb111s

    jb111s Member

    The switch is still the lock in the glovebox, so presumably it's just a warning light for when it's disabled. I could just cut it out & put it inside the new one. I wouldn't see it but I never disable the airbag so shouldn't cause a problem hopefully.

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