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Passat/A6 Stainless Exhaust being developed

imported_passat16v Feb 9, 2005

  1. Had an excellent meeting with a few of the chaps today from Peco. The company really are driving forward now, I believe they lost there way in the 80's/early 90's and many many companies passed them, with better products,vision,quality. But Peco have made great steps forward and there standards/quality have greatly improved. There is now big investment with a new rolling-road to back bhp claims they list with there products. And the staffing team look lively and driven and are streetwise to current trends.

    here are a few pics I have taken today:-

    Stock A6?passat exhaust and a Peco item 4" round

    Rolliong road for BHP testing

    I was chatting about the Passat/A6 system and the resinator box, They advised they will do away with that, and fit a smaller inline box if need be.

    I stress that tailpipe design is a major desider when it comes to exhaust choice and his answer to us is:
    "Pick you own and there is 30 to choose from"
    Stainless is T304 grade, and 2.25" dia. piping. They believe they can get large gains in BHP/Torque without going too 2.75"

    Pricing is abit up in the air at the mo, due to the fact the system hasn't been developed as of yet, but they advise MAXIMUM prices are as follows

    FULL SYSTEM £350-

    BACKBOX £225- Both based on twin tailpipes, If you prefer a single pipe of any style the price will be discounted.

    Group buy discounts, Im sure if we can get a few peeps together Im sure the we can get the price of the full system down so it starts with a £2XX instead of a £3XX (i maybe wrong but money/orders talk)
    We can have a UK Passat/A6 rolling day at Peco HQ, as part of the group buy.



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