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PAS Hose

Dicky A Mar 1, 2013

  1. Dicky A

    Dicky A New Member


    My S3 has developed the common leaky PAS pipe problem - the short one that loops back on itself along the bottom of the front bumper. No biggy I thought, £60.00, bish bash bosh, job done. But oh no.

    On removing the old one I've discovered the return pipe that it connects to also has a 3mm nic in the rubber coating with the metal braid visible (it all looks like it's been hit by something fast moving, as does the undertray). Assuming this means the pipe is as much use as a chocolate tea pot, has anyone had to replace this before or does anyone know the service routine for this?


    It's the return hose that runs from the PAS cooling pipe to the fluid reservoir (item 7 on the ETKA diagram below - 8N2 422 891 G) - costs a lovely £125.00 + the VAT, if anyone's interested :slapped:


    Bearing in mind the pipe disappears behind the head and the only bits I can see are the two ends, it looks like it's going to be a complete and utter PITA :(

    I love my car I do. I really do.

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