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Parts required for Sline Bumper swop

o0timbo0o Apr 4, 2012

  1. o0timbo0o

    o0timbo0o Member

    A bit of an underhanded trick by audi selling you an sline spec car without the sline bodykit and having the nerve to add it as an extra option !! It kinda grates on me but now is the time for me to change this.

    I have got hold of an sline front bumper and grille which is now being painted and drilled ( for PDC). I still need the Fogs and surround but what other parts do i need to complete the conversion? Is there any ducting , bracketry or such like that differs from the SE bumper ?

    Are the fog lights the same part? and they just need different surround or completely different?

    Any info on this subject would be greatly received

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