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parts needed!!!

as04ley Feb 19, 2010

  1. as04ley

    as04ley Member

    hi guys, i am looking for ether a s-line front bumper or normal front bumper for a audi a4 b6 sport if anyone has one for sale pref close to nottingham but if not i am willing to drive more miles?
    i am also looking for a drivers side light not in full black its the chrome silver with black at the back of the lights and the xenon bit in the middle of the light, sorry for all the info on the light but i seen all different ones on ebay but they do fit my car, its very confusing.:sadlike:

    Thanks for looking:icon_thumright:
  2. Woorlord

    Woorlord shifting to Hyperspace... . VCDS Map User

    I have a standard A4/B6 front bumper available off my 3.0Q Sport - here is a picture on the car before I removed it and retrofitted a GmBH front.
    Can provide with or without grills - no fogs.
    Am in Essex just South of Colchester - PM me if your interested.


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