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Parts for s line coversion and s3 rear

Jimmy_bfd Feb 19, 2011

  1. Jimmy_bfd

    Jimmy_bfd Member

    Hi, i'm considering on whether or not to do a few mods to my car (depends how far my budget will strech) could you price up the following parts including VAT. My car is a Audi A3 3dr 04 reg sport (double grill) (want to upgrade to the single grill style). Also, how much is it to deliver (to bradford);

    Thanks in advance

    S line front conversion:
    1) Front Bumper ?
    2) Grill including badge ?
    3) Front fogs ?
    4) Fog surronds ?
    5) Bonnet ?

    S3 rear conversion:
    1) Upper bumper ?
    2) Lower bumper (with the grey bit) ?

    From what i've rersearched on the forum, thats what i need for the conversion, if i have left anything out could you please include that in the list, thanks Dave,

  2. stoke_audi

    stoke_audi Active Member

    can you send me your chassis number

    Thanks Dave
  3. Jimmy_bfd

    Jimmy_bfd Member

    I will PM you the details (chasssis number) but these parts are not for my car

    From the research i have done i have found out that these wil fit my car though (few tweaks to some of the parts)

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