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Parts for my A8 at a sensible price?

IceBlue8 Nov 8, 2007

  1. IceBlue8

    IceBlue8 s-b-james

    Hi All - I'm new to the forum and have a 2002 A8 Quattro Sport which I bought about 6 months ago. It's 'ice blue' with blue leather interior - beautiful!
    I've got a query about parts for sensible prices. The Audi 'stealer' is ridiculous and the 'specialist breakers' have never come up with a thing! I suspect they just can't be bothered unless you want a big, expensive part.
    I need the lower grill panel (the bit that surrounds the fog light) which Audi want almost £60 for, front mud flaps (£51 from Audi) and a blue drivers carpet mat (and/or tailored rubber mats).
    Has anyone in the UK found a decent supplier that will post the parts, or somewhere in Scotland that I can collect from?
    And I aslo have the 'transmission whine' that went away briefly after the oil & filter change but came back after about 200 miles - any ideas?
    Last question - has anyone tried the alloy wheel scuff repair kits - are they any good? I kerbed one of my newly refurbished wheels!

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