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Parts for 1.8T service

gaz j Dec 21, 2007

  1. gaz j

    gaz j Member

    Im going to service my 53plate 1.8T (190) over the xmas period. I intend on replacing the plugs, fuel & air filter maybe pollen filter and obviously the oil. Is there anything else I should replace? Where is the best place to get these parts (apart from Audi) and shall I just use standard plugs or are there any better? Thanks for any assistance. Could do with a local place, I live in widnes near liverpool.
  2. oneninet

    oneninet New Member

    These are all standard items ,any decent parts place will have what you need :) . I had some debate about the oil filter for my 1.8t 190 as the Mann filter I got was huge compared to the original Audi fitted filter, turns out Mann uprated the filter for the BEX engine in response to the sludging issue. Standard plugs are fine as long as you change them every 20 k km or so.:salute:
  3. 1.8JT

    1.8JT Boots Electric

    out of interest, what are the best spark plugs for this engine(BEX)?

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