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Part repair timeline

actionslax Jul 28, 2013

  1. actionslax

    actionslax Member

    Anyone know of such a thing? I've been on a roll recently after a few things needing fixed/replaced and looking to find out what could be next due to its age! I know there's probably a few factors to this like how hard its been driven/amount of mileage etc.

    I have a 2006 2T Quattro at 78k

    Before I had it the only major thing I know that has been replaced was the gearbox by Audi.

    Since I owned:
    Left CV boot - replacement
    Timing belt & water pump - service
    Diverter Valve - replacement
    Haldex oil - service
    Right CV boot - replacement
    Full set of discs and pads - replacement
    Breather assembly - fix/replacement

    What could be next??

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