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Part Numbers

Aber-AUDI Apr 15, 2009

  1. Aber-AUDI

    Aber-AUDI New Member

    Can anyone tell me the part numbers for the plastic undershields (Engine, and side ones) as shown below?

  2. dansansome

    dansansome Member VCDS Map User

    believe it or not, it varies depending on engine and gearbox type.

    i can get the numbers for you, but will need year/engine/gearbox type (manual/auto should do)

    or take a look on vagcat.com which is an online illustrated parts catalogue for free (registration required)

    the main engine undertray is actually referred to as a sound deadener, the other panels are under body lining cover plates.

    expect to pay around £60 for the engine cover and £35 per side for the other covers. i think those prices include the relevant fasteners required.

    hope this helps

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