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part number please for DS2500 front pads

nozdog Jan 16, 2011

  1. nozdog

    nozdog Member

    Hi as tital say really, I'm looking to get some DS2500 front pads for my car I've seen some on ebay and would like to comform the parts number are correct for my car (A4 b6 S Line Quattro 190 on 2004) I fitted new OME pads and Brembo disc when I bought the car 4 months ago but not really happy with the stopping power. I'm going to try these first. any help would be greatfull

    Just to ask what are the choice of upgrades you can do for the A4 190 Quattro brakes ie bigger disc and calipers options what would be a cheaper option rather than buy a Brembo or AP Racing set up?
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