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Part number help needed!

rowdy_in_da_audi Dec 17, 2011

  1. rowdy_in_da_audi

    rowdy_in_da_audi Member

    Hi All
    Was hoping someone could help with PN for the headlight washer jets for a B7 S-Line?

    To give you a little back ground (and show I have been looking!!) I may have narrowed it down to a few possibilities.

    They all start with 8E0 955 101 or 102
    but the tricky bit is the letters at the end :)

    from AudiZine i got
    8E0-955-101-E Washer Nozzle Left
    8E0-955-102-F Washer Nozzle Right
    which are apparently for the S-line bumper (anyone confirm this??)

    And from ebay.de i got
    But the chap states in the listing that he is only selling as he has upgraded to an S-line front end. I understand he may have bought a bumper without the holes, but I'm sure i read somewhere (although now can't find!!) that the washers are slightly different on an s-line than they are on a standard A4.
    Please can someone put me out of my misery!!!
    P.S Any comments about how bad headlight washers are, can be kept to yourselves!! :)

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