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part number for vortex side skirt

khalil Jan 21, 2008

  1. khalil

    khalil Member

    does anyone know the part number for vortex side skirt for 3 door 54 plate, or where i can find out on the web many thanks
  2. FactionOne

    FactionOne Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Maybe www.vagcat.com is worth a try? Can't be certain though as I guess it might be classed as an 'accessory' (or word to that effect)...


  3. marms

    marms Member

    Not sure of the part number but I have a set for sale if you are interested.

    Ok, bit of a story.

    I have slowly been collecting the votex kit for my Sportback car over the last few months. I was hugely please when I saw an Audi dealer selling both the front valance and side skirts, particularly as they were in brilliant red (the colour of my car). I won the action for a very good price and arrange to collect the parts from Shewsbury as I was working in the area at that time.
    Go them home and took everything out of the boxes and the paint job is perfect. Completely ready for immediate fitting. The parts had been professionally painted but never collected by the original purchaser.

    I thought I'd snaffled a bargain and promptly arranged to get them fitted by my local bodyshop. Took the car in and left it there for fitting.

    Got a call two hours later. The side skirts are in a box for the 5 door car but the parts were from a 3 door. I can't believe I didn't notice but I guess you sometimes see what you are expecting to see. I bought them as being for a 5 door so I assumes thats what they were.

    So now I have a perfectly painted and ready to fit, complete with instructions and mounting kit, pair of genuine votex skirts for a 3 door car but I own a sportback !

    I was hoping to sell these on to recoup some of the costs towards a set for my sportback. As I said, they would be ready for immediate fitting to a brilliant red card but could equally be easily prepared and repainted to any colour.

    So..... if you are interested then pm me.

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