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Part number for rear bush Q..

mark_sarah Feb 11, 2011

  1. mark_sarah

    mark_sarah Limp mode!

    To fit 2000 model S3

    I need the part number for a rear bush, which a mechanic has called a rose joint bush!

    GSF have no idea what i am talking about, and said they do not list anything like i am describing.

    Audi main dealer said take a picture and bring it in to help them identify the part i want.

    The bush in question, is the lower rear bush that the track arm bolts onto. The middle of bush can turn, as if on a ball joint, to look at it looks like a normal bush.

    It can be bought as part of a kit on ebay for £130, but i only need one bush: Audi S3 98 > 02 Quattro Rear Suspension Arm Repair Kit on eBay (end time 07-Mar-11 12:05:12 GMT)

    Know what bush i mean?
    Is rose joint bush the correct name?
    Do you know the part number?
    Anyone know where i can get one from? Other than main dealer.
  2. s3dave

    s3dave TFSI Hybrid Supporter

    Yes it is a rose joint, dont know the part number, but be careful driving if it is goosed or it can snap the tie bar
  3. colinra

    colinra Member VCDS Map User

    try A8N0 407 181 B OR A8N0 407 182 A, I replaced all the bushes on the suspension but had to get these from the stealers. One of these numbers is for a bush in the front wishbones. FYI its no longer a rose bush - its solid so it cant sieze up and snap the bar. good luck with the fitting - its a b1tch!
  4. S3 finatic

    S3 finatic Limp mode

    Has anyone got a link for a workshop manual that will show the rear suspension on my S3, and possibly the part numbers?

    Ordered the rear bush through Audi main dealer, using my chasis number, it arrived today and looks nothing like the one i want to replace. Audi say that is the only option available for my car, and my only other option is to book it in with them for them to investigate.
  5. S3 finatic

    S3 finatic Limp mode

    Thanks colinra..

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